1. Set Your Goals
  2. Set Your Target Dates
  3. Set Your Action Steps
  4. View & Print Your Plan

My life plan.

Here are your goals and some suggestions on how to achieve them.

My Choice Goals

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I will know what I want out of a relationship by ef966y2]

Action Steps: jlzxww2]

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I will think about my future family by z6mdqr2]

Action Steps: rd8z1d2]

if sgd3bz2]
I will prevent pregnancy until I am ready by sgd3bz2]

Action Steps: b1fw3n2]

if ayb6542]
I will consider my options for reaching my health goals by ayb6542]

Action Steps: 79gc6]

if mpm7172]
I will get my body ready to have a healthy baby by mpm7172]

Action Steps: 62euwa2]

if y9yid6]
I will plan how far apart I want my children by ef966y2]

Action Steps: 5oeg2b]

My Health Goals

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I will get fit and healthy by 59sz4y32]

Action Steps: hu3h2s3]

if boakqi32]
I will eat better by boakqi32]

Action Steps: lppzp63]

if nlvwn63]
I take vitamins with folic acid by nlvwn63]

Action Steps: rfotux3]

if tf5a9e32]
I drink more water by tf5a9e32]

Action Steps: uikrw73]

if py3cre32]
I will get more sleep by py3cre32]

Action Steps: yhcs63]

if 6vgm4r32]
I will get tested for HIV/AIDS and Other STDs by 6vgm4r32]

Action Steps: if 92he4u2]

I will do work that is meaningful to me by 92he4u2]

Action Steps: k86gse2]

So what’s next? You can finish your Life Plan today. Save or print your Life Plan. It will include all of the goals you have already set above, as well as, helpful hints and questions to guide you in the right direction.
Did you know?
  • Three days after you miss a period, your unborn baby can be affected by your health habits.
  • After having a baby, it’s a good idea to wait at least 18 months before getting pregnant again to maintain the best health for your body and your children.
  • A baby born too soon (before 37 weeks) or too small (less than 5.5 lbs) faces an increased risk of serious health problems.
  • Folic acid promotes women’s health, especially heart health.
  • Obesity leads to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet can prevent many types of diseases.
  • Drinking alcohol increases the risk of unplanned pregnancy.