The mission of the Delaware Healthy Mother & Infant Consortium (DHMIC) is to provide statewide leadership and coordination of efforts to prevent infant mortality and to improve the health of women of childbearing age and infants throughout Delaware.

Consider this website your window into the world of DHMIC. Learn about our history and our progress. Stay informed about events. Find out more about membership and access important resources. Join us in embracing the future of Delaware.

Save the date for the DHMIC Annual Summit at the Chase Center on the Riverfront on Tuesday, April 18th


DHMIC envisions a future where all of Delaware’s mothers and babies have an equal opportunity to thrive. DHMIC will promote and support a Life Course inspired, evidence-based plan of action that will achieve that aim with the greatest amount of impact, in the shortest period of time, with the most efficient use of resources. DHMIC lead collective action among diverse groups of stakeholders to change the social determinants of health in Delaware, and will cultivate new resources to support and sustain its efforts.


DHMIC strengthens Delaware’s ability to work collaboratively to solve maternal and child health challenges. Learn more about our convenings and important resource connections.


Learn the problems, causes, and solutions the DHMIC is taking on as a consortium so that all Delaware’s mothers and babies have an equal opportunity to thrive.

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Membership in DHMIC

The DHMIC appointed five subcommittees for the following critical areas: data and science, education and prevention, health disparities, standards of care, and systems of care. Interested in joining?

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Strategic Initiatives

The DHMIC pursues the health of women, infants and families through a lifecourse approach. The strategic initiatives are projects pertaining to the year 1 and year 3 goals of the consortium.

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Health Equity Awards

This award recognizes those individuals and organizations that work hard for the well-being of mothers and children in Delaware, for the health of community and for health equity.

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Resource Center

Our resource center hosts websites, reports, and presentations on the health of women, infants, and families. Find the latest information through national and local resources cited by DHMIC.

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DHMIC Annual Summit

The DHMIC Annual Summit discusses progress that is being made and challenges to overcome with  national thought leaders and local action takers.

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