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Committees & Workgroups

DHMIC promotes a Life Course–inspired, evidence-based plan of action to achieve health equity with the greatest amount of impact, in the shortest time frame, with the most efficient use of resources. There are four committees and two workgroups that strive to create equal opportunity for all Delawareans to thrive.


Become a committee member

Committee membership is open to organizations and individuals whose missions do not conflict with DHMIC priorities.

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The Consortium’s membership is made up of the following:

  • Two (2) representatives of the Delaware House of Representatives and two (2) representatives of the Delaware State Senate (one selected by each caucus)
  • One (1) representative of the Governor’s office
  • The Secretary of the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families, or the Secretary’s designee
  • The Secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services, or the Secretary’s designee
  • The Director of the Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance or the Director’s designee
  • Fifteen (15) additional members approved by the Governor who shall represent the medical, social service, and professional communities as well as the general public

The Consortium’s permanent members may enact procedures to appoint additional persons.

Committee Membership

Committee membership is open to organizations and individuals whose missions do not conflict with the priorities of the DHMIC.

The priorities can be found in the 2005 Task Force Report.

Committees and Workgroups Organization

DHMIC Members and Executive Committee

The DHMIC members guide maternal and infant health improvement in Delaware. Members work to reduce infant mortality, decrease preterm births, decrease the maternal mortality rate, and decrease the disparity rate.

Well Women Committee

This committee focuses on an evidence-based approach to reproductive health and the health of women. It meets reproductive-age women’s diverse and often complex needs, particularly those of more vulnerable populations.

Social Determinants of Health Committee

This committee supports innovation and spreads evidence-based programs within the community to improve the social determinants of health and equity in maternal and infant health outcomes.

Maternal and Infant Morbidity/Mortality Committee

This workgroup examines data and evidence of the health status of Delaware women, particularly those in the 14- to 44-year-old age range and those with poor birth outcomes (e.g., premature birth, low birth weight).

Doula Ad Hoc Committee

The Delaware Healthy Mother & Infant Consortium (DHMIC) Doula Ad Hoc Committee pursues the health of women, infants, and families through a life course approach. The DHMIC’s approach includes planning with the community, thinking holistically about women’s health, and addressing intergenerational health. We support a continuum of services promoting optimal health from birth throughout the lifespan, from one generation to the next.

Well-Woman/Black Woman Health Workgroup

This workgroup reports up to the Well Women Committee. It strives to bring increased awareness of the disparity gap faced by African American women and their infants by developing community-informed solutions for closing the disparity gap.

Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative

The Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative’s goal is to improve the care of mothers and babies. It focuses on obstetrical blood loss management, pregnant women with substance use disorder, and evidence-based clinical practices.

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