Books Balls & Blocks (BBB) offers free, fun family events that provide early child development screenings for children 9 months to 5 years old (siblings are welcome too!). Come play with your child and learn how games and activities stimulate your child’s development. Skill-building activities in stations focus on:

  • Communication and language
  • Cognition and problem solving
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Literacy

Upcoming Events

Who qualifies?
Anyone living in Delaware who cares for a child age 5 or under.

There are 2 opportunities to participate in Books, Balls, Blocks events!

In-person and Online

At both events, parents are encouraged to fill out the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) for their child’s age, providing feedback on their child’s progress with growth or milestones. At the in-person BBB, interactive stations have activities enabling parents who complete the ASQ forms to assess their children as they demonstrate their skills. Online BBB sessions provide children an opportunity for in-depth exploration, to experience and practice focused skills on a specific topic.

What happens at an in-person BBB event?

Depending on your response at the welcome/registration desk, you may receive an ASQ, which will help you respond to questions that will give you a better understanding of your child’s growth. While your child plays, you will answer the questions and have an opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills.

In the room where the BBB is set up, you will see a variety of interactive stations designed to engage your child, in order to determine growth in the five areas/domains of growth for children from birth to age 5.

These stations enhance your child’s brain and physical development through “play” with you, the parent. They are also helpful in screening your child if you are uncertain about things they can do. Is your child able to hop on one leg? Does your child point to, pat, or try to pick up pictures in a book? Not sure if your child can do that? Ask your child to demonstrate right there, using the tools supplied at the stations!

After you and your child have played at all the stations, met new friends, networked with other parents and are ready to leave, you will hand over your completed ASQ screening to staff at the registration desk. Depending on what is available for each BBB event, you will be given a gift for completing the screening and handing in your evaluation. Providing the correct contact information is also helpful to receiving feedback.

What happens after the screening?

The evaluation is also handed to you upon registration. Your responses assist staff in improving your future BBB experience.

Completed screenings are sent to the Help Me Grow/2-1-1 Child Development Specialist via email or hard copy. Help Me Grow/2-1-1 staff will then upload your responses to the ASQ online portal.

You will receive a follow-up call from the Help Me Grow/2-1-1 staff if the results indicate your child is below the cut-off (below the pass range). Do NOT panic. This is just a screening. It is NOT confirmation that your child has a developmental delay. It only means your child needs to have a formal assessment to be sure.

Depending on your child’s age, the screening results will be sent to an early intervention program that caters to children within your child’s age group.

Here in Delaware, Child Development Watch is responsible for children from birth to age 3, while Child Find is within the school district and caters to children age 4 and above.

For more information about BBB events, please call 302-744-4922.

What happens at an online BBB?

As a safe alternative and an attempt to widen our reach, we have developed an online Books Balls & Blocks on Zoom. Three BBB Zoom sessions on Saturdays target specific age groups — 12-to-23-month-old and 24-to-36-month-old children. Facilitators encourage adults to play with children in guided age-appropriate play. Each session has a topic of focus. This topic is based on data collected across the state from the ASQ screenings, indicating milestones that need some improvement for children within that age range. By participating, your child’s fine-motor, communication, and problem-solving skills are increased. Each topic is offered twice on the specified Saturday, at 10 and 11 a.m.

*Sessions Recorded
Sessions will be recorded and shared on social media and/or utilized for promotional purposes. Please grant permission in the form to use displayed images or choose to not display video in Zoom and only utilize audio while in each session.

Parents are responsible for the health and safety of children while participating in these activities.

What can you expect?

Whether you join us for in-person events or join us from home remotely for our online events there will still be interactive topics discussed where you can play with your child. We use play to help you understand how your child is growing.

Here, your child can meet others, and you can talk with other parents as you play.

Peace of mind
We’ll help you determine if your child is growing at the rate they need to be, and if not, we’ll offer ways to help you get them prepared for school.


Learning and having fun is now even more rewarding!

How can you get rewards?

Families earn rewards for attending sessions after registering on Eventbrite and for completing evaluations after attending. Rewards are also earned for attending all three sessions for specific age groups. Refer other families to a BBB event or session and receive rewards too!

  • When you sign up for your first session, you’ll be mailed a packet of materials that will help with your child’s development and come in handy for future BBB events.
  • For every 3 sessions you attend, there will be a prize for your child to reward all their hard work (and play).
  • Every time you fill out the survey at the end of an event, you will earn a gift card.
  • The more sessions you attend, the more chances you will have to earn rewards for your child.

Interested early childhood agencies, organizations, and child care centers:

You can host or co-sponsor in-person or online BBB events! You also have the opportunity to be a vendor at the event, as well as present or promote child and/or family-oriented programs.

Contact us at

Upcoming Events

We recommend signing up five days prior to each event. If you register any time after the Monday prior to the event, it is not guaranteed that materials needed for the event will be shipped and delivered on time.

There is a limit of 15 families per session.


Sat Oct 22nd

Fine Motor Skills

Sat Nov 5th



Sat Nov 19th

Problem Solving



Sat Jan 21st

Fine Motor Skills


Sat Feb 4th




Sat Feb 18th

Problem Solving




Useful Resource Links

Developmental Milestone page from DEThrives 
Developmental Screening Resources – Delaware Department of Education
CDC – Developmental Milestone Page 
Developmental Screening Tabletop Handout
The “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Training Page
LTSAE Parent Training: “I am the Expert on My Child”

*This training was developed by the University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies in collaboration with the Delaware Department of Education Office of Early Learning. This work was supported in part by a subaward from the Association of University Centers on Disabilities/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cooperative agreement (6 NU38OT000280-02-02).