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SAFE SLEEP: Share Your Dreams for All Delaware Babies



In 2010, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) accounted for 21.3% of infant deaths. No infant in Delaware should die from SIDS or other related sleep deaths and it is up to all of us to stop it. We all want to see babies grow up to live the dreams we have for them. To help build a bright future for our children we need to focus on creating a safe and loving environment for them today! Moms, dads, community leaders, health care providers and others can all work together to make our babies dreams come true.

The Delaware Safe Sleep Campaign provides safe sleep education and works to reduce the social and economic barriers that some families face when creating a safe sleep environment. The campaign provides tips, resources, opinions and social media resources to save lives and ensure ALL of Delaware’s babies thrive! We can work together to lower the risk of SIDS by following the rules of safe sleep. Go through this safe sleep routine list with your family, friends or anyone who may help in raising your baby. You can start the path to change by taking the Safe Sleep pledge right now and by sharing your dreams for Delaware’s babies on the Long Live Dreams wall. We owe it to all babies to educate ourselves and help spread the word about Safe Sleep.

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