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Welcome to the Long Live Dreams Wall!

The home of Delaware’s Safe Sleep Champions.

Every baby deserves the same opportunity to thrive. The Safe Sleep Campaign provides safe sleep education and works to reduce the social and economic barriers that some families face to creating safe sleep environments. We all have a part to play in making safe sleep possible for all. You can begin by taking the safe sleep pledge right now and you can write your dreams for Delaware’s babies on the Long Live Dreams wall. You can also share this page with friends and colleagues.

Happiness, health, and love for babies and their families! – Justine Deputy, The Birth Center

“that they live, love and laugh unconditionally all the days of their lives and stay true to themselves always” – @bringmeupmusic – Christy Mannering ‏, Web design and development, social media & photography, University of Delaware, Scrink

My dream for Delaware’s babies is to all be born free of preventable health conditions. I would also love for more babies to be breastfed-the benefits for both mom and baby impact their overall health in so many positive ways! – Ellen Zaccardelli, LPN, Nurse, Delaware Adolescent Program Inc. (DAPI)

I wish all infants to be safe, cherished, love, and to have the chance to realize their fullest potential! – Nancy Forsyth

My wish for Delaware babies is that they will no longer be at risk for Diabetes and that they will live happy, healthy and long lives! – Betsy Hughey, Clinical Educator, Bayhealth Medical Center

My dream is that more mothers in Delaware will choose to breastfeed their babies and that family and community will support their efforts! – Wendy Lovette, MSN, RN, LCCE

Be the best you that you can be! 🙂 – E. Mason

Shoot for the moon and if you should miss you’ll still be amongst the starts. Dream Big! – La Red Health Center Outreach Department

Loving fathers, loving mothers, loving families! – Anonymous

For all babies to have an equal opportunity to thrive! – Anonymous

Healthy neighborhoods + families = healthy babies! – Ms. Hoey

Happiness and Health! – Anonymous

Happy and beautiful babies everywhere! – Wanda

Love, laughter and a healthy, bright future! – Anonymous

The sky is the limit! – Anonymous

I dream all babies grow up to be happy and healthy – Anonymous

Skylar is a healthy baby and a dream! – Bachi

LOVE – Anonymous

Long live happy babies, precious smiles, greatest laughs, and tons of unconditional love! – Anonymous

All children live happy, healthy lives. 🙂 – Anonymous

Good Health, Love, and Happiness – Anonymous

All children loved and cared for in a safe, happy and healthy environment. – Nancy Oyerly

That all babies will thrive in the communities they live in. – Danielle Cooper, Health Ambassador Program Coordinator

To be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthier than the generation before. – Jane D.

Connecting families 1 neighborhood at a time…healthy messages produces HEALTHY FAMILIES! – Ms. Hoey, Health Ambassador

Love, happiness, passion, thrive, and live long! – Leah S.

Take a moment each day to love yourself and someone else, it makes a difference – John D.

Organic fruits and vegetables available in all neighborhoods – Jane

Parents are their children’s first teachers…Teach them to follow their dreams! – Kimberly N., Parent Educator, Parents as Educators NCC

Dream big, dream often, live long, love always, imagine. – Sylvia Payne, RN

Stay in school, be productive adults, make a contribution to society, teach YOUR children! – Leah T.

Know these safe sleep steps checklistKNOW THESE SAFE SLEEP RULES

Never sleep in the same bedBabies should NEVER sleep in a bed with anyone.
Always keep the crib emptyThere should be NOTHING in the crib with your baby.
Never sleep on your backBabies should ALWAYS sleep on their backs.
Always keep it smoke-freeKeep babies environment SMOKE-FREE.

For a complete list of all American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, click here to view the website or click here to download the AAP's full policy statement.