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QT30: Activities that give your child a head start on their education

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QT 30 -Spend 30 Minutes of Quality Time with Your Child A Day

The Delaware Department of Education set early learning foundations for child development. The following activities will help support your child’s education, before they start school. Take advantage of these free quality time ideas. Remember, you should incorporate at least 30 minutes of quality time into you and your child’s schedule every day.


Rolling Ball – Roll a ball to your baby. Encourage him or her to roll the ball back to you!


Blocks – You know this one! Stack, rearrange, and knock down blocks with your little one.


Nature Walk – Go on a walk with your baby! It’s ok if your baby is still in the stroller. Name different objects you see!


Blanket Time – Place a blanket on the floor and work on tummy time! Roll stretch and reach!


Easy Sledding – Place a piece of cardboard on the ground. Cover it with a blanket. Lay your baby tummy down on it. Gently move your baby around. This will give him or her a sense of forward motion.


Color Reading Game – Read together and name a color. Have your little one point to the color on the page.


Finger Puppets – Draw a face on your fingers. Put on a play!


Sing – Put on your favorite tune! Sing and dance with your kiddos!


Fingers and Toes – Count your baby’s toes! Then count each of your baby’s fingers!


Opposite Game – Teach your kids about opposites! Do they know the opposite of cold? Tall and short?


Imitate Me – Try to get your baby to copy what you do! Make a face or clap your hands!


The Hokey Pokey – Place your baby on your lap and sing the hokey pokey! Move along with the song. Help your baby join in on the fun!


Rhyme Time – Sing rhymes to your baby and clap along!


Press the Button – Use a toy phone. Say a number out loud and press the button on the phone. See if your little one can do it too!


Story Time – Pick out a picture book before bed time and read to your baby. Make this your bed time tradition!


Finger Paint – Put your child in his or her high chair. Let them finger paint with pudding or frosting!


Thread and Needle – Do you have a colander? Help your kiddo weave pipe cleaner in and out of the holes!


When you spend time with your child you may start to have many questions about their capabilities. You have a hotline for help! Help Me Grow is the hotline for all who take care of kids in Delaware. Worried? Dial 2-1-1 to reach Help Me Grow. A professional will answer your call. Then he or she will then assist you to find services and resources that fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to call! Learn more about what happens when you call Help Me Grow here.

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