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QT30: Create a lifetime of well-being for kids in 30 minutes a day

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1-DE-BLOGS-AUGUST-8.3.15The first five years of a child’s life have a huge impact on their future success and well-being. Children’s experiences during their first years help shape their life later on.  What your children learn during their first years depends on what you teach them.  You are your child’s first teacher. Teach the kids in your life early.

Teaching your children from day one does not involve textbooks, calculators, and course work.

There are simple quality time activities that do wonders for your child’s development and teach them more than you could imagine.

The quality of the time you spend with your son or daughter matters. You don’t have to feel you need to carve out huge chunks of time to do this. Being spontaneous eases the burden of time. Spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with your kids a day. Your full attention should be on them, however. You love your kids, so show them you care by being a supportive parent.

Quality time is easy to do from the first day your baby arrives home. You give them objects to look at and touch. You show them how to play simple games. You help them feel love. These are all important experiences that help with their growth and prepare them to be ready for school. These early experiences influence your child’s lifelong health.

Parents shouldn’t be the only ones who spend quality time with kids. Grandparents, older siblings, babysitters, aunts, uncles, and family friends or trusted adults in the child’s life can try these quality time activities too.

Surprisingly, not all kids get the quality time they need to succeed in life. Advocate and support parents by sharing this blog. Share your quality time experience with other moms here and get social.

When you spend time with your kids and notice their growth is not at track with their age, don’t hesitate to dial 1-1-1 or text 302-231-1464 to ask questions about the child’s health and development. You will reach Help Me Grow, a program that helps parents get connected to the appropriate services to advocate for their child and be the best parent possible.



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