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HOME VISITING: The Importance of Birth Spacing

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Birth spacing is when a woman gives her body enough time to recover between pregnancies. A mother’s body needs to rest and recover after pregnancy. Moms should wait at least 18 months between giving birth and getting pregnant again.

Why should moms wait 18 months? Their bodies need time. Time to heal and recover from the physical and emotional stress of pregnancy and birth. They need time to get ready for the next pregnancy. Waiting 18 months gives a mom’s body time for key nutrients such as folic acid and iron to be replaced (folic acid helps your baby’s brain grow).

Waiting 18 months is also beneficial for your baby. Birth spacing gives your baby a greater chance of being born at the right time and at a healthy weight. If your baby is born too soon that is called premature. If your baby is born too small that is called low birth weight. Both have a greater chance of long-term health problems, development issues and even infant death.

Unplanned pregnancy is a major barrier to birth spacing. Families should learn their options to prevent unexpected pregnancy by contacting their doctor or speaking with a professional. Help Me Grow is a great program for families looking for help. Dial 2-1-1 to access this free contact line. A trained specialist can help you find the right resources for you and your family! It is simple and all it takes is one call.

Home visiting is an effective program that can help you get ready for before, during, and after pregnancy. It has been proven that home visits can increase spacing between pregnancies

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