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January 22, 2019

Are you expecting? Every month of pregnancy, you will experience a new change to your body. Your belly will get bigger. Your hair might look shinier. Some changes will be more apparent than other changes. Every pregnancy is different. Some woman can experience pregnancy swelling. Pregnancy swelling is normal. Your hands face, feet or ankles[…..]


December 2, 2018

New parents will receive a lot of advice when their baby is born. There are many different opinions – from friends, family, and the internet – on how to care for a baby. How and where to put your infant to sleep may be one of them. Parents want to keep their baby safe, comfortable,[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY: Neighborhood Health

December 1, 2018

Long-lasting stress wears down our bodies and increases the risk of disease. What we might not realize is that stresses from living in our neighborhood or from our home are contributing factors. When we experience this, we are not able to live our healthiest lives. Where you live can increase the risk of stress. Long[…..]


November 24, 2018

  Before your baby arrives, there is a lot of setting up to do. You will probably think about the best place for your baby to sleep. You should also think about the safest place for your baby to sleep! Infants sleep a lot during the first few months. It is important to create a[…..]


November 20, 2018

  Bringing your baby home is wonderful! No matter how prepared you feel there is always something new to learn. Everything from their head to their tiny toes is delicate. This includes your baby’s skin! Every baby is different. Some will have soft, perfect skin. Your baby might have dry, flaky skin. Sometimes a baby[…..]

HELP ME GROW: Benefits of Unstructured Playtime

November 14, 2018

  Playtime. It is the source of laughter, excitement and good old fun. Yet, playtime is more than that. It is an important time for your growing child. Unstructured playtime gives your child the chance to learn through play. Every day your baby will learn something new. Playtime is the perfect time for them to[…..]


November 10, 2018

  It is always fun to get outside with your little one. You might be planning a trip to a barbecue. You could meet friends at the local park. Yet, the long day can wear your little one out. Before heading out, think about where you will be and how your baby can rest safely.[…..]

HELP ME GROW: A Curious Baby is a Healthy Baby

October 15, 2018

  A curious baby is a healthy baby. Curiosity means your baby is trying to learn how things work. Your baby will learn new things right away. Sitting, walking, or crawling to name a few! Your baby will also start to develop problem-solving skills.  This is the way a child thinks and makes decisions. It[…..]

HOME VISITING: More Than a Nurse

October 11, 2018

  Parenting can have many ups and downs. There are the good things, like seeing your baby smile for the first time. There are also the frustrations, like the potential of your baby not latching during breastfeeding. No one said caring for a baby was easy—even if you have a team of family or friends[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY: Create Healthy Communities

October 6, 2018

Where we live can greatly affect our health. It can increase our risk of health problems. It can make our health problems worse. People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes face challenges when managing their disease. This is partially because of health inequities.  You might think that the only barrier to being healthy is not having[…..]