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At-Home Activities for Children During COVID-19

March 20, 2020

Children throughout Delaware are out of school and now at home, due to the risks of COVID-19. During this time, it’s important to keep children active and engaged throughout the day. This not only helps with boredom, but also helps with their development. Whether your child is between the age of 0-3 years old or[…..]

CDC COVID-19 Resources

March 17, 2020

It is important that you and your families have accurate information about the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We have compiled resources to help all Delawareans understand the disease and its effects on our community.

POSTPONED: 15th Annual Delaware Healthy Mother & Infant Consortium Summit

February 28, 2020

Due to growing concerns and travel restrictions brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Delaware Healthy Mother and Infant Consortium (DHMIC) Annual Summit will be postponed until further notice. The Delaware Healthy Mother & Infant Consortium (DHMIC) provides statewide leadership on maternal and child health; coordinates efforts to prevent infant mortality; and works to improve[…..]

HOME VISITING: Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

August 28, 2019

  Obesity is a primary concern in many states. While any child is at risk, children who live in poorer areas are at a greater risk for being overweight. In fact, obesity now affects one in five children across the United States. This can put your child at risk for various health problems. The good[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY: Air Quality And Asthma

August 28, 2019

Where people live can determine their overall health. Our neighborhood conditions can make us healthy or make us sick. So what exactly does that mean? Many contributing factors in our neighborhoods limit the ability to live a healthy life. The air we breathe is one. Some areas expose residents to harmful air quality or toxic[…..]

SAFE SLEEP: My Baby Rolled Over During Sleep. Is That Safe?

August 28, 2019

There will be times when parenting is hard. There is a lot of information on baby care. There are many different opinions on how to care for an infant. Babies need you to care for them. Trusted sources and home visitors know best.  You should always follow the most up to date recommendations by trusted[…..]

HELP ME GROW: What’s In Your Lunch Box?

August 28, 2019

September means it is back to school for many of our kids! Help your child start this new school year, happy and healthy. Nutrition is a big part of development. Healthy foods make students better learners. A child who has a well-balanced meal is more alert in the classroom. They score better on tests. They[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY – Social Conditions and Health

August 9, 2019

Doctors treat us when we are ill.  Though our health conditions could sometimes be linked to our family health history, that is not always the case. Research shows that social conditions—the jobs we do, the money we’re paid, the schools we attend, the neighborhoods we live in—are as important to our health as our family[…..]

HOME VISITING – Sleep. What’s That?

August 6, 2019

“Tired” takes on a completely new meaning as a new parent. You want to take care of your baby and do what is best for your baby. However, there will be many restless nights ahead. The stress as a new mom or parent could be more than you can handle when you are on little[…..]

HELP ME GROW – Crawl Baby, Crawl!

August 5, 2019

Your baby is on the move! It takes time but eventually your baby will start to crawl. This is an exciting time for you and your little one. Crawling is part of growing up. It is one major milestone for your baby. Crawling is not easy! It takes muscle strength, coordination, and determination. You will[…..]