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SAFE SLEEP: Soothing a Fussy Baby

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You and your baby have built a routine. However right now, your baby is fussy. Their happiness starts with you. When it is time for a nap, you should know what to do to keep them safe. You can help them sleep safely. You can create a safe sleeping environment by following simple safe sleep steps. You might already know that you should not sleep with your baby. So, what are the other options to soothe your fussy baby?

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Swaddling: You can provide warmth and security by swaddling your baby. This is a similar feeling to the way your baby felt in the womb. This is done only when you are holding the baby. Do not put the baby down to sleep swaddled. Learn how to swaddle here. 
  2. Side/Stomach Position: Hold your baby on the left side to help with digestion. Once asleep, place your baby on their back in the crib.
  3. Shushing: This imitates the noise in the womb, making your baby feel calm and safe.
  4. Rocking: You can gently rock your baby in your arms or use an infant swing. Just remember to move your baby to the crib once they fall asleep.
  5. Sucking: It is natural, and babies enjoy sucking even when they are not hungry. A baby cannot cry and suck at the same time!

You must advocate for your baby. You can educate your family and other new parents about reducing SIDS. Follow and share the rules of safe sleep.

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