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Convenience is key when you are a new parent. You have a lot to get done when you have a baby, while balancing your work and home life. That’s why sleeping products like baby sleepers that help keep your child happy are popular. Products like these often allow your little one to play with a toy while being soothed with pleasant vibrations. A baby sleeper can be very useful for parents and their baby. Some are portable, so you can fold them up and take them on the go. A sleeper is also useful when you are watching your little one while attempting to do another task.

Sleeping products like this are convenient and affordable, but they are not always the safest option for your baby. This product should NEVER be a substitute for a crib. The sleeper is meant to be used while you are paying close attention to your baby. It is not meant for long-term sleep. Most products like this will have a seat belt to hold your little one in. It is still very easy to forget to buckle your baby in. This puts your baby at-risk of rolling off and getting injured. An incident like this is more likely when the product is incorrectly used as a long-term sleeper. Another feature to consider is the battery operation. The vibrations from sleepers like this can be very calming for your baby. Unfortunately, leaving a battery-operated sleeper running for long periods of time is not safe.

One of the Safe Sleep rules is that your baby should sleep on a firm mattress with nothing but a fitted sheet. This product is the opposite of what is recommended. It is too thin and soft and does not provide firm security for your little one. The surface is also at a slight angle. Sleeping at an angle for an extended period of time could cause discomfort or compromise your baby’s breathing. Products like these can be helpful when used properly. Make sure to read the instructions and warning labels. Don’t forget to always use a crib for long-term sleep no matter what. Do you want to review the other Safe Sleep rules? Check them out on DE Thrives.

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