New parents will receive a lot of advice when their baby is born. There are many different opinions – from friends, family, and the internet – on how to care for a baby. How and where to put your infant to sleep may be one of them. Parents want to keep their baby safe, comfortable, and happy. Be sure to get your information from reputable sources.

Speaking of infant sleep, rocker chairs are a popular item for new parents. Shop online or in stores and you will see the product with a picture of a peaceful, happy baby. These products claim to soothe your baby. They are usually soft and cushiony to keep your baby comfortable and happy. While this sounds like every parents dream, products like this are not safe for a sleeping baby. Rocker chairs like this can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Here is what you need to know before you make the decision to let your baby stay sleeping in one of these products:

  1. Not a flat surface – Safe sleep recommends that a baby sleep on a flat surface. Rockers are often egg-shaped. The design makes your baby feel cuddled. It can also increase the risk of suffocation. Your baby’s head can slump forward in the seat and they may struggle to breathe.
  2. Not a firm surface – This product has cushion to protect and comfort your baby. This product could be great during the day when your baby is awake and you are alert and watching. Your baby should not sleep in this product. Your baby can turn their head and the cushion could block their airways

If your baby falls asleep in one of these products, move them to a crib right away. Create a safe sleep environment to help keep your baby safe. Follow the safe sleep rules for every sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS. To review all the safe sleep rules visit DE Thrives Safe Sleep or watch this video by the American Academy of Pediatrics.