Safe Sleep: Decorating Baby’s Room Safely

It is a very exciting time getting ready for your new little one to arrive. As you start decorating your baby’s room, it is important to also make sure it is a safe place for your baby. Here are a few tips to make sure the baby’s room is a welcoming and safe place:

  1. The most important item in your baby’s room is the crib. When you finish setting up the crib, make sure all parts are put together correctly.
  2. Next is how your baby’s room is set up. You want to make sure baby’s crib is away from any possible danger such as windows or hanging art. Also make sure all electrical outlets are covered, all electric cords out of reach, and all bins are without lids.
  3. Lastly, be sure the paint is safe in your baby’s room. Water-based paints are ideal and they must be lead-free. After you are done painting, let the room air out for two to three days.


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