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SAFE SLEEP: Caring for a colicky baby

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All babies cry. Some more than others. Crying can help you determine if your baby is tired, hungry, or uncomfortable. With a lot of love and care, you can soothe your little bundle of joy. If your baby is crying for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week with little to no response to being comforted, you might be dealing with a colicky baby.

Babies with colic cry – a lot. It can be tough on a new mom who is trying her best to soothe her baby. Do your best to comfort your little one. It will take time but your baby will eventually grow out of it. Some other comforting techniques include:

  1. Walk with your baby
  2. Rub your baby’s back
  3. Play soothing music
  4. Comfort your baby in a dim lit room

One of the techniques may work. None of the techniques may work. You must do your best to find the method that works for your baby. When you do finally get the little one to rest, remember to always follow the safe sleep rules. That means putting your baby to sleep on the back, in their own empty crib, with no blankets or sheets. If your baby falls asleep in a carrier or on the couch, move them immediately to a crib. You might not want to disturb your baby, but ignoring the safe sleep rules increase the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. For more information on safe sleep and safe sleep rules click here!

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