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QT30: Safe Trick-or-Treating Tips for Parents and Little Ones

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A parent taking their son or daughter Trick-or-Treating is a great way to spend quality time and teach them safe Halloween lessons.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Is it carving pumpkins, wearing Halloween costumes and or eating lots of candy? Halloween is about all of those activities, but it’s important to remember safety!


Parents should take safety into account when going Trick-or-Treating with their children. Check out these safety tips from the CDC!

Make Halloween a fun and safe quality time experience with these ideas!

  1. Help your child get dressed in his or her costume! Fasten reflective tape to you and your child’s costume to help cars see you!
  1. Listen to Halloween music before you go out trick or treating. Have a dance party!
  1. Get the trick-or-treat bowl ready for other trick-or-treaters together!
  1. Finally – Take your child out to trick or treat! Remember to always look both ways before crossing the street! Examine your child’s treats before you let him or her eat them. Avoid allowing your child to eat too many treats and remember 5-2-1-Almost None!
  1. When you are all done trick-or-treating you can help your child count how many pieces of candy he or she collected! You can also make it a game by separating the candy into piles! How many lollipops can your son or daughter count with you?

Parents, before Trick-or-Treating, sit down and talk with your child.  Keep your child engaged and involved. Ask your child if he or she knows to stick by your side.  Brainstorm all the rules you both come up with and talk together about safety lessons and safe Halloween tips!

Talking about all the rules you and your child came up with will help them remember and understand everything better! Remember, you should always supervise your toddler when trick or treating.

Do you have parenting questions or concerns? Do you need resources to help you support your child? Dial 2-1-1 or text 302-231-1464 to reach Help Me Grow!


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