Home Visiting Support Services for Families and Parents in Delaware

Pregnancy comes with challenges, barriers, stressful situations, and a lifetime of happiness. Pregnant families that are involved with home visiting treasure the supportive nature of the program. Trained home visitors are there 24/7 for families who are enrolled in the program.  So, what happens when you join this free program?

Specially trained home visitors offer in home services to pregnant families. The home visitors collaborate with families-to-be during pregnancy and remain with the family from the child’s birth to their third birthday. On a monthly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the family’s situation, trained professionals meet with the expectant mother and loved ones to answer questions and to offer social support. The role of home visitors vary—offering resources for better childcare and financial planning, acting as educators and coaches, and advocating for health.

How does home visiting benefit a family? During the visits, mothers learn to implement proper health practices during pregnancy, inclusive of ways to create a better living environment for all. A provider works one-on-one with the family to influence good parenting practices.  The trained professionals also address factors that strengthen families. There is a focus on the importance of continuing education or searching for a full-time job after birth to become financially stable and self-supporting.

The program equips parents with valuable resources that aid child development. A baby with parents as program participants deliver higher achievement scores in school and display fewer behavioral problems during youth and adolescent years.  Home visitors know the best resources for quality care. In addition to stressing the importance of tracking developmental milestones, family providers sit down with parents to share immunization information, injury prevention, and nutritional facts; all factors that are essential to building a better future for your child. Dial 211 to enroll in home visiting to give your child an opportunity to thrive!