Introducing DE Thrives’ Developmental Milestones

1-DE-BLOGS-DevScreening_Introducing-12.4.14Delaware Thrives’ Help Me Grow program is proud to present the Developmental Screening initiative. This initiative is set forth to help parents, caregivers, and providers better understand developmental milestones, developmental screening, and how to ensure all children are developmentally on track.

What are developmental milestones? Developmental milestones are clues that a child’s growth is on track. The ways children listen, talk, move, behave, and learn at certain ages are big milestones. Delaware Thrives’ Help Me Grow program encourages every parent to learn, track, be able to ask doctors and teachers, and tell friends about developmental milestones. It’s the key to a healthy start in life.

The Help Me Grow program’s Developmental Milestones website offers plenty of starting points for parents to find information, seek out doctors routinely screening children using standardized tools, and understand the importance of developmental screenings when it comes to their child’s growth. Providers may also find points of knowledge and materials to better help explain developmental screening to parents and caregivers.

Visit the Developmental Milestones website:
now and make sure your child’s developmental growth is on track!