HOME VISITING: Get the Help You Need During the Journey through Parenthood


Who says parenting has to be hard? Sure, there is a lot to learn about parenting. The path you take during and after pregnancy will directly influence the future of your child. When you enroll in Delaware’s Home Visiting programs, you and your family will get the help you need during the journey through parenthood.

What if you do not have the time to meet with a home visitor? No problem. Home visitors fit visits into your schedule. Your home visitor wants all the best for you. They will meet at a place where you are comfortable and at a time that works for both parents.

How often do you need to meet with a home visitor?  Meet with your home visitor once a month or bi-monthly depending on your situation. Yet, you can keep in frequent contact with your home visitor. Home visiting encourages relationship building and offers continual support!

Are you concerned about sharing information? Information gathering is part of the process. You will need to share information with your home visitor. Information sharing helps your home visitor give you the best advice, tips, and resources to fit your needs. Home visitors are non-judgmental and set a positive atmosphere right from the beginning.

Do you still feel home visiting is not for you? Home visiting is a free program for all new parents in need. Home visitors help build a positive experience for new parents and help build a healthy life for a child.

For more information about Home Visiting, visit HomeVisitingDE.com. To find Home Visiting programs in your area, call the Help Me Grow Hotline by dialing 211 and ask for Debbie.