I just found out I’m pregnant, can Home Visiting help me?

HV - I Just found out Im pregnant

Before racing to the store and buying every book in the ‘mommy-to-be section’, listen to what Home Visiting can do for you! It is a free program that ensures a happy, healthy life transition by sending a Home Visitor to your home (or public place of choice) weekly or biweekly. From the first visit on, this home visitor will help you prepare for delivery and give advice on how to be a great mother. The home visitor will stress the importance of good prenatal care, eating healthy, exercising, and quitting smoking to make sure you and your baby has a safe and healthy start. Your Home Visitor will also perform regular health checkups. This does not replace your doctor visits; it is still important to visit your doctor.

During your pregnancy, a Home Visitor can answer questions about changes in your body and how to act once the baby is born. Your Home Visitor will meet with you until your baby is three years old to guarantee an easy transition from the hospital to your home. Home Visiting programs can answer your questions, provide healthcare resources, and help prepare your child for school.

For more information about Home Visiting, visit HomeVisitingDE.com. To find Home Visiting programs in your area, call the Help Me Grow Hotline at 2-1-1 or text 302-231-1464.