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HOME VISITING: Breastfeeding to Solid Foods


There are so many firsts when it comes to having a baby! First time changing a diaper, first time breastfeeding, first smile. Eventually, it will be the first time for your baby to eat solid foods. Your baby will start to show signs that they are ready to eat solid foods.  Usually your baby will be ready to go from breastfeeding to solids around 4 to 6 months of age. At this age, oral and motor skills have significantly developed!

As a new parent, you might not be sure what they should be eating, how much, and what is healthy. There are many different opinions. The internet tells you one thing. Your mom tells you that she knows best. It could be confusing. Home visiting is a great resource that assists parents on how to best care for baby. Your home visitor is available to answer questions about eating habits and even helps connect you to services to get food. To get you started, here are some quick tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Start with a teaspoon! Your baby will need to get used to eating baby cereal. This is the first time your baby will experience a different texture in the mouth. They will need to learn how to swallow solid food.
  • Do not force your baby to eat solid foods. Tomorrow is a new day. Go back to breastmilk and try again tomorrow.
  • Give your baby some breast milk, then switch to foods, and finish with more breast milk. Your baby might refuse to eat solid foods at first. Do this to make sure that your baby is getting enough nutrients during meal time.
  • Go with variety of foods. Breast Milk, cereal, vegetables, meats, and fruits are a great start. Try your best to give your baby a well-balanced diet. Introduce different kinds of foods one at a time.

Nutrition at an early age is important to physical and mental development. Parents play a big role in the development of a child’s eating habits. Talk to your home visitor if you have any questions about your role as a parent and your child’s nutrition. To enroll in home visiting, all you need to do is dial 211. A Help Me Grow specialist will connect you with a home visiting service in your area.

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