5 Signs Your Baby is Ready to Eat Solid Food

1-DE-HMG-August Blog-7.31.14Are you confused on whether your baby is ready for solid food or not? Here are five tell-tale signs that your child is ready:

  • Your baby is able to hold his or her own head up unassisted.
  • Your baby is able to sit on their own. Some children still need a little support from cushions.
  • Your baby is big enough—weight is usually double their birth weight and needs to be at least 13 pounds.
  • Your baby mimics your actions and looks interested in what you are eating, reaches for your food, and open their mouths when food comes their way.
  • Your baby is able to move the food from the spoon into their mouths.

If you have any other questions about babies being ready for solid foods be sure to call the Help Me Grow 2-1-1 line, or send Help Me Grow a text at: 302-231-1464. Help Me Grow 2-1-1 staff will provide referrals to community resources to help answer any questions or address any concerns.