Data Digest from Vik

The Delaware MIECHV-funded home visiting program, which comprises Healthy Families Delaware and several of the PAT sites, has recently completed another calendar year of service and reporting. As of December 31, 2019, the program was supporting 385 households. The program has continued to fare well on many of the process measures involving the early childhood setting and referrals, such as Early Language and Literacy, Parent-Child Interaction, Developmental Screening (screening and referral), and Intimate Partner Violence (screening and referral).

With that said, the program still struggles with regard to the percentage of eligible enrollees who report breastfeeding (33.3% in December 2019). However, both Healthy Families Delaware and the PAT sites have made considerable progress in improving upon safe sleep practices and should continue to do so via consistent and sound communication with enrollees and documentation of their thoughts and behaviors in the enrollee record. Overall, we are pleased to see the MIECHV program continue to serve families throughout the state, and we appreciate the work of everyone involved in building and maintaining its success!

Submitted by:

Vikrum Vishnubhakta, MBA/MPH
Consultant/Principal, Forward Consultants