Parents as Teachers, Christina School District, and the Stubbs Dual Generation Center: A True Success Story

As a certified parent educator, Lisa has worked with a young mom of two (a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old) who is finishing up her CNA classes. Mom has had many challenges. Her mom abused drugs, and her father was an alcoholic. And as a result, this young woman went through the foster system as a child. Lisa has worked with this mom since she was in 12th grade, and she is so proud of her accomplishments.

On a special note, Lisa, the PAT educator — once a teen mom in our program — is active in the high school teen groups and credits the support she received through PAT for encouraging her to complete high school as well as get a college degree. It had been her dream to become a PAT educator and support other teen parents to succeed in school and in parenting their children.

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Noelle Bartkowski
Senior Lead Educator
Parents as Teachers
Stubbs Dual Generation Center
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