Sharing Positive Things About Nurse-Family Partnership During the Pandemic

Nurse-Family Partnership nurses continue to support clients exclusively through telehealth and/or video visits with approved platforms and technology. CFF and the National Service Office for NFP have been super supportive in seeking avenues to increase the availability of technology for our clients. Safe, no-touch drop-offs of available resources (safe-sleep materials, age-appropriate developmental incentives, diapers, wipes, personal care items) are available to support moms and babies. The entire team has shown great flexibility and resilience, as they have adapted personally and professionally to meet the challenges of the pandemic. I extend my gratitude to each member of this team.

I asked everyone to submit at least one positive reflection since we began working remotely due to COVID-19.

Submitted by:

Marneda F. Bailey,  MSN RN
Program Manager, Nurse-Family Partnership
Children & Families First

Reflections are noted below:

“A positive of working from home is having the advantage to take a break and step outside for some fresh air to clear the mind, and then continue with the workday.” — Sarah Rojas, Support Specialist

“As a Nurse Home Visitor, it has been both rewarding and encouraging  to hear that my clients continue to persevere, setting and achieving goals in spite of COVID-19.” — Tawanda Morris, Nurse Home Visitor

“Since COVID-19, I do notice a change in clients’ availability. Doing strictly phone visits, I am able to get in contact with most of them more consistently since we have been limited to our homes. Not everybody is reachable, but there has definitely been an increase in engagement.” — Nate’ Morris, Nurse Home Visitor

“Since working from home and providing telehealth during the pandemic, I have had many positive experiences. The most significant experience has been providing relief to clients who have fears for their child’s and family’s health by educating them on safety precautions such as PPE and facts about COVID-19. Many clients felt fear and uncertainty in the beginning of the shutdown, and I was able to dismiss false information/misunderstandings and provide accurate information about the pandemic. My caseload is mostly Spanish speaking only, and information in their language wasn’t readily available right away. It feels good to have been able to close that huge gap in this barrier, because unfortunately this population was hit very hard by COVID-19.” — Liset Villalobos, Nurse Home Visitor

“I have made an extra effort to make drop-offs to clients with babies, which were needed and appreciated. Clients were so happy when I dropped off gift bags with contents that were just for our moms. Clients told me it felt so good to know that someone took the time to think about the moms too.” —  Kesha Alston-Shields, Nurse Home Visitor

“I am grateful for being able to maintain contact with my clients during these hard times through texts, calls, and periodic visits when feasible, to drop off incentives.” — Agnes Kimani, Nurse Home Visitor

“It is exciting to see my high schoolers complete their current grades and move up. One client graduated from high school, and one is beginning online CNA classes.” — Lisa Rohlfing, Nurse Home Visitor

“One positive reflection would be building and meeting caseload while working from home. It’s been very challenging to engage referrals and to complete enrollments by phone, but I am excited that I could make that transition and engage clients.” — Kristen Dricken, Nurse Home Visitor

“Some COVID success stories or lessons learned:

  • Three high school graduates
  • Four clients graduating from NFP (June-August)
  • Four clients going back to school — in progress, completed during onset of COVID, or starting soon; English as a Second Language classes; CNA coursework; starting college classes
  • Three clients planning on starting college classes in fall — but I’ve not had updates/visits
  • Successfully completed video calls with clients which makes our visits feel more personal as if they were in person which the clients have appreciated
  • Attempting to make virtual playdough to work on fine motor skills with a client
  • Completed webinars to further education/knowledge
  • Learned the importance of self-care
  • How the little things matter and how much the front porch incentive drop offs mean to the clients
  • Collection of decorative face masks (my own)”

Amy Holubik, Nurse Home Visitor

Thank you to all!