Children & Families First and Healthy Families Delaware Share a Success Story!

In our Healthy Families Delaware program, we started working with a young mother while she was pregnant. She shared her story with her Family Support Specialist (FSS), describing how her childhood was filled with housing insecurity. Thankfully, she was able to find housing right before enrolling in our program. She also revealed that because of her housing situation she had to let the father of her son take him full time. Her FSS listened to the mom’s story without judgment and encouraged her to have consistent contact with her son and to dream about how she wanted her life to be. Over the last few months of her pregnancy, her FSS talked to her about breastfeeding and being consistent with her prenatal appointments. After giving birth to her daughter, the mom was able to breastfeed with confidence. She had her baby in the beginning of March, right before the stay-at-home order was issued. She focused on getting her GED — a goal she set while pregnant — and working with her FSS. After getting her GED, she was able to participate in a temporary nurse aide program and will be starting work very soon. This mom is creating a healthy environment for her children to thrive in, and she is able to see how putting one foot in front of the other moves her from dreaming to accomplishing her goals.


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