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Preconception COIIN


Preconception CoIIN- Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Networks (CoIINs) are multidisciplinary teams of federal, state, and local leaders working together to tackle a common problem. Using technology to remove geographic barriers, participants with a collective vision share ideas, best practices, lessons learned, and track their progress toward similar benchmarks and shared goals. In 2017, Delaware, along with North Carolina, Oklahoma and California was awarded this mini grant. Visit https://beforeandbeyond.org/pchimcoiin/ for more information.


The goal of this grant is to work towards developing, implementing, and disseminating a woman-centered, clinician-engaged, community-involved approach to the well-woman visit to improve the preconception health status of women of reproductive age, particularly low-income women and women of color.


This grant is in year 2, the implementation phase, of the three year project. In the second year Delaware is working with Westside Family Healthcare on measures around the preventive/ well-woman visit, where all women would be screened for risks and needs and then receive those needed services. A pilot program has begun where women are asked, no matter the visit, if they wish to become pregnant in the next year and a pathway is followed, dependent upon the women’s answer, and education provided to the patient to help her meet her goals.

Year three will involve expanding the project to multiple providers and sites within Westside Family Healthcare.


Year three of the grant will focus on works on disseminating this work and key lessons learned to additional preconception providers.