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My Life, My Plan Women


DHMIC believes in the life course model. Healthy women mean healthy babies. Healthy babies are the next generation of healthy women and mothers. The choices that women of reproductive age make will affect the course of their lives. This includes their ability to have a healthy-and intentional-pregnancy when they ready. The Education and Prevention Committee of DHMIC developed My Life, My Plan Women to provide a fun and interactive way to help them make healthy decisions and set goals and plans for their future, especially when it comes to their reproductive health.


The goal of My Life, My Plan Women is to both educate them about key health and life planning topics and to help them make personal choices. One specific objective is to engage as many Delaware women as possible in thinking about their health, their pregnancy intention and their choices. Another is to engage as many educators, clinicians, peer counselors and others in sharing and using the life planning print or online tools.


The strategies for this initiative included sharing the evidence regarding the links among life planning, personal health impacts and birth outcomes; creating print and online life planning tools that can be widely used by educators, clinicians and others; and continuously evaluating engagement and effectiveness.

My Life, My Plan Women includes a reproductive life plan with content on goal setting, social-emotional health, health promotion, and resources. Both the print an online versions can be used by teens alone, or as part of health education classes.   Visit https://dethrives.com/mlmpw/overview to learn more.

My Life, My Plan Women media have been used extensively throughout Delaware Over 5000 planning booklets in English and Spanish are distributed each year, and the online version receives many monthly visits.

The print media have also been shared with other states for their use, with some local customization of resource listings and contact information allowed.


The My Life, My Plan tools are continuously evaluated. Updates are now being considered for 2019/2020.

If you are interested in ordering My Life, My Plan Women planning booklets, please visit https://dethrives.com/order-materials/browse#mlmpw. The online version is found at https://dethrives.com/mlmpw/overview.