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Kicks Count


Many parents want to know what they can do to help ensure a healthy birth outcome. Counting kicks regularly during the third trimester is one easy step. DHMIC developed a complete Kicks Count Toolkit for providers and families to encourage this important practice that has the potential of reducing stillbirths in Delaware. Kicks Count is grounded in evidence that shows that regularly counting kicks and recording the results can serve as an early warning system when daily patterns change. Early action by parents can be a lifesaver when changes are noted.


The goal of the project is reduced stillbirths in Delaware. The objectives are to make is easy for providers to share and encourage “counting kicks behavior” with their patients, and easier for patients to adopt the behavior.


The Kicks Count initiative focuses on the distribution of Kicks Count Toolkits to provider practices throughout Delaware. Each toolkit provides guidelines for the practice, and a variety of patient education materials to share with patients. Patients can take the materials home and learn how to practice-and understand-counting kicks.

Each year, 250 Kicks Counts kits are distributed. Each supports 25 patients. That means 6,250 families receive Kicks Count encouragement, about half of those who will have babies each year.


Kicks Count is a popular initiative widely supported by Delaware’s medical and nursing communities. The materials are reviewed annually and updated as needed. The most recent update was made in 2017.

Provider practices located in Delaware that want to order Kicks Count Kits can do so by visiting https://dethrives.com/order-materials/browse.