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Do the Math / Men’s Outreach


DHMIC understands that men have a vital role to play in the health of families and communities. DHMIC realized that there was a gap in materials and messaging for men when compared with women. Making positive choices about sexual and reproductive health was DHMIC’s starting point for men’s’ health outreach. Health education materials, guidance for health educators and free condoms were part of the initial plan. DHMIC is expanding it offerings for men through partnerships.


The goal of men’s’ outreach is to ensure that young men of reproductive age are equipped to make healthy, positive choices about their health and fathering children. Also, to promote and support engagement and successful parenting. Specific objectives include raising awareness about healthy sexual behavior and birth control; understanding how life changes when you have a child; and learning fathering skills. DHMIC also seeks to engage as many educators, clinicians, peer counselors and others in sharing men’s’ reproductive health and fathering information.


The strategies for this initiative included sharing media and materials, including free condoms packaged with safe sex messaging; supporting educators and clinicians in their work with men, and forming new partnerships with organizations that focus on men and fatherhood. More about strategies, including Do the Math can be found at https://dethrives.com/man-up-plan-up/do-the-math.

Do the Math and other men’s’ health media and materials have been used extensively throughout Delaware. Over 100,000 condoms and 10,000 Do the Math promotional media have been distributed. New partnerships have been created and inclusion of men in DHMIC’s plans is now a norm.


Men’s’ health and men’s’ roles in family health are always part of DHMIC planning. Going forward, DHMIC will continue to develop new partnerships and collaborations with programs serving men and dads.

If you are a health care provider in Delaware interested in ordering Do the Math, condoms or other men’s’ health materials, please visit https://dethrives.com/order-materials/browse.

If you would like to partner or collaborate with DHMIC, please contact us.