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Why Health Matters Before Pregnancy

Dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles before pregnancy. Better pre-pregnancy health leads to better outcomes for mothers and babies down the road.

The Well Woman Initiative: Every Woman Every Time Delaware

Well-Woman Care is an evidence-based counseling approach (Every Woman Every Time Delaware) that reimagines the needs of reproductive-age women — before, during, and beyond pregnancy. Its goal is to ensure women of this age receive at least one annual comprehensive well-woman visit that includes a pregnancy intention screening, assessment of health risk behaviors, management of chronic health conditions, the identification of social determinants of health, and linkage to services and resources. Healthier reproductive outcomes for women are a result of prevention and early detection of disease as well as counseling.

Speaker: April Lyons

Rosehill Community Center, Healthy Women, Healthy Babies (HWHB) Zones Mini-Grantee

The Rosehill Community Center is a private nonprofit agency that builds strong individuals and families by addressing the educational, recreational, and social well-being of its communities. Established in 1982, the center provides programs, events, and access to helpful agencies and businesses, and also offers a wide range of programs — such as women’s wellness and fitness, stress relief, conflict management, self-improvement, and much more — that help individuals and families meet their goals.

Speaker: Dara DuPont

DE DPH Title X / Delaware Contraceptive Access Now (DE CAN)

Delaware Contraceptive Access Now (DE CAN) is focused on policies and programs that reduce unintended pregnancies and improve access to the full range of contraception, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. DE CAN also supports the Immediate Postpartum Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives program as well as Title X — the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related preventive health services, which assists women, men, and couples with achieving their desired number and spacing of children. In addition, DE CAN connects individuals with local Delaware providers offering Title X family planning services.

Speaker: Christina Farmer/Yvonne Fletcher

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