Teen Prom Pressure


Making sure you and your date are in matching colors isn’t the only part of prom night that should coordinate. May is the National Month to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and since nearly all teenaged pregnancies are not planned, now is as good a time as any to talk with your prom date about how the night will go, what you expect from each other, and where your boundaries are.

Mutual respect goes a long way; if you both understand where the other is coming from it will be easier to have a fun night. If you are going to prom with your friends, it’s not a bad idea to talk with them either! When there is more support, there is more fun! Before you start the conversation, it’s good to have a few questions ready to go. The following are meant to help you and your date/friends get a better idea of where everybody’s comfort level and understandings are:

Have you ever…

  1. Thought about what your life would be like if you were to get pregnant or cause a pregnancy?
  2. Felt pressured to do something sexual that made you uncomfortable?
  3. Thought about using contraception even if birth control pills are involved?

Answer honestly and do not judge each other—respect and agree upon boundaries to make sure your prom is fun and worry-free!

If asking questions isn’t really your thing, why not play an interactive game to see how you both would react? See if you’re a “Sexpert” and take the Teen Pregnancy Quiz. Or visit My Life, My Plan Teen to learn more!