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QT30: Spread Love: Valentine’s day crafts

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QT 30 Valentines Day Activities


Make your kids feel extra special this Valentine’s Day. Spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with your little ones on Valentine’s Day and every day. Did you know just 30 minutes of quality time can give your kids a head start in life? The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are remarkable. Kids need support from day one. That is why DE Thrive provides QT 30 activities for you!


QT 30 - Activity - Rainbow Sun CatchersRainbow Heart Sun Catchers – This cute craft keeps on giving! Choose different shades of pink and red tissue paper and your house, classroom, or daycare will be Valentine’s Day ready! Get the full craft here!





QT 30 - Activity - Button HeartsButton Hearts – Cut a giant heart out of construction paper for you toddler to decorate with buttons! You can gather buttons from around the house or visit a local store to buy a few. Have a limited button supply? Don’t worry! Coloring the heart can be just as fun!





QT 30 - Activity - Sponge HeartsSponge Painting – Cut out a sponge in the shape of a heart for your kids to use as a stamp! Get a giant piece of paper. Help your kids dip the sponge in the paint and stamp it on the paper to make a Valentine’s Day mural. Use smaller piecVALENTINESes of paper to make valentines!





pablo (15)Macaroni Valentine – Cut out heart shaped pieces of paper for your kids. Have a box of macaroni to spare? Help your child glue different pieces of macaroni onto the paper to make a fun design! Remember to leave space for a vibrant valentine note! Help your kids think of the message.





QT 30 - Activity - Conversation Candy HeartsConversation Candy Heart ArtDownload and print out this printable. Get your candy hearts ready! Help your kiddos separate the candy hearts by color and place each heart in the lines! Don’t have a printer? Draw large hearts on a piece of paper and label each heart a different color!



Anyone can spend quality time with children for 30 minutes a day. We invite you to share our resources and materials. How your child develops during his or her early years is important. Learn more about early childhood development here. Have questions or concerns? You can get answers and get connected to a professional you can trust in one call. Dial 2-1-1 to reach the Help me Grow hotline, a resource for parents and all who care for children.

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