Safe Toy and Gift Awareness Month: What Makes a Safe Toy?

Buy safe1-DE-Blog_November_11.14.14 gifts and toys this month. Find out what age a toy is made for by reading the label. The label will say something like:  “Safe for children 8 years and younger”. If you are unsure if a toy is safe and there is no information on the toy, then do not buy it. Here are additional things to look for:

  • Strings & cords: can wrap around a baby’s neck and cause choking or suffocation
  • Loud noises: from toys like guns, can damage a baby or child’s hearing
  • Sharp and pointy objects: can cut or poke your baby’s skin, eyes, and other body parts
  • Small Toys: that can fit in a baby’s mouth, can be swallowed and hurt your baby

If the descriptions above match a toy you have or are planning to buy for your child, replace the toy with a safe option. Broken toys are not safe and should be thrown away.  The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) offers these tips and more advice on toy safety here.