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SAFE SLEEP: Traveling with the Little One

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The summer holiday season is here! This means you might be traveling to visit family or friends. Sometimes these trips include sleeping over. If you have a baby in tow, it is important to make sure they have a safe environment to sleep in. There are times where a grandparent’s house or friend’s apartment might not be a friendly, safe sleep space for your baby.  As a parent, it is important to ask questions and be prepared to create a safe place for your baby while you travel.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when travelling with your baby:

  1. Will your baby be able to sleep alone and on their backs? Even when travelling, your baby should never sleep in a bed with anyone. They should always be in a safe crib, pack n play or bassinet and sleep on their backs.
  2. Will your baby be able to sleep in an environment free of potential choking hazards? No blankets, toys or pillows should be in your baby’s crib.
  3. Will your baby be able to sleep safely while you’re traveling? Car seats are not recommended for long periods of sleep. Your baby should be able to sleep safely and correctly while in long travel situations. You should always be checking them to be sure they are sleeping safe.
  4. Will your baby be in a smoke free environment? Make sure that friends and family members know not to smoke near your baby. This also means keeping smoke out of the house or apartment you’re staying in. It’s important for your baby’s health.

You should always keep in mind the Four Rules of Safe Sleep as well, no matter where you are. For more information on Safe Sleep click here. Have a picture to share of your Safe Sleep environment? Post it on Facebook and be sure to tag us with @DEThrives!



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