Safe Sleep: The Dangers of Co-Sleeping

3-2-SS-Blogs-7.21.14Babies love it when you hold them close. Parents feel most protective when baby is in their arms. It’s no wonder some parents think about taking their babies into bed with them. But, your baby should NEVER be in the same bed with you. You can fall asleep and roll over on baby. Baby can get tangled up in the covers. This can cause suffocation and death.

So, make plenty of time during the day to hold your baby. You can play. You can breastfeed. You can just look into each other’s eyes for a while. Then, when its naptime or bedtime, put baby in their own, safe crib to sleep.

You can keep your baby close by putting the crib, pack n play, or bassinet in your own room. You can look in on baby often.

Baby will feel your love and protection when you hold them when they are awake. Baby will also be loved and protected when you make sure they ALWAYS sleep alone.

For more ways to be sure your baby is safe, read about our Four Rules of Safe Sleep.

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