Safe Sleep: Tell Your Babysitter about Safe Sleep

2-SS-Blogs-10.6.14Babysitters are lifesavers when you’re looking to unwind and have a night out without your child. They watch over your baby, and should do everything they can to be sure your baby is safe and sound when you return. You can help them with this by making sure they know about the 4 Rules of Safe Sleep:

  1. Babies should NEVER sleep in a bed with anyone.
  2. There should be NOTHNG in the crib with the baby.
  3. Babies should ALWAYS sleep on their backs.
  4. Keep baby’s environment SMOKE FREE.

To be sure your babysitter knows and remembers these four rules, place a Safe Sleep door hanger on your baby’s bedroom door to remind them how important it is that your baby sleeps safely! For more tips and information about Safe Sleep and Infant Safety, visit, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.