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SAFE SLEEP: Sharing The Safe Sleep Message

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Safe sleep starts with you! Every parent has the responsibility to share the safe sleep message. Share it with a friend. Share it with your neighbor. Share it with a stranger. The rules of safe sleep could save a baby’s life.

When you log onto Instagram or Facebook, you might see a picture of your friend’s new baby. You post a  ‘Congrats’ to your friend.  The tiny baby is smiling while they sleep; how cute. You notice bumpers in the baby’s crib. Oh no! We want all babies to thrive! As a parent, you should kindly share the safe sleep rules with other parents.

  • Babies should always sleep alone in a safe crib – Babies need a separate space to sleep safely.
  • Babies should always sleep on their backs, for every sleep – Babies who sleep on their backs get more oxygen and are far less likely to suffocate.
  • Nothing in the crib with your baby – All your baby needs to sleep is a firm sleep surface covered by a fitted sheet. Leave out the bumper pillows, quilts, comforters, stuffed animals, and toys.
  • Smoke free environment – It is important to avoid all smoke exposure while pregnant and after your baby is born. Do not be afraid to ask someone who smokes to change clothes before holding your baby.

Social media is a place for new parents to sharing images of their new baby. It can be our responsibility to share and spread the message of safe sleep online. It could be that they never heard of the rules. You can share the DE Thrives Safe Sleep page with them.

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