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SAFE SLEEP: Putting a Baby to Sleep in a Noisy Environment

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Image for Putting your baby to Sleep in a Noisy EnvionmentWhether you live in a full house, on a main street, or in any noisy environment it may seem impossible for your baby to sleep. However, it is possible to give your baby safe sleep even in those not-so-quiet settings. Here are some helpful tips on how to do just that:

  • Your baby should sleep alone. Babies should always sleep alone in a safe crib, never in bed with anyone. If your bedroom is the quietest place in the house then share a room, but not a bed.
  • Use a pacifier. A pacifier can soothe and help the baby calm down when he or she is crying. It can also help the baby relax and fall asleep in those noisy environments. However, make sure to use a one-piece clean pacifier, replace the pacifier often, and do not force your baby to suck on the pacifier.
  • Nothing should be in your baby’s crib. Do not put toys, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, or sleep positioners in your baby’s crib to help them cope with the noise.

You should always keep in mind the Four Rules of Safe Sleep as well, no matter what the environment. For more information on Safe Sleep, be sure to visit our Long Live Dreams Blog!

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