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SAFE SLEEP: Popular Sleeping Products Review

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Being a new parent is an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming. Seeing different kinds of products like strollers, toys, and sleeping products for your baby can be confusing. While some products may look nice and comfortable, you should always consider the safety factor. The most popular items on the market are not always the safest. If you are looking for a new sleeping product for your baby, always remember to read the instructions and the warning labels. It’s very important to know how to correctly use the product. A sleeping product like this one could be a good option when you are awake, aware, and watching your baby. Even so, it is not a substitute for a crib. Another issue with a product like this is the lack of railing. A plush, sleeping product like this puts your baby at risk for rolling over. If you were to use this in place of a crib, there is a high risk of injury or suffocation. Another concern is the firmness of products like this. It’s important for your baby to sleep on a firm surface for security. A sleeping product like this is too soft for your little one.

All the rules of safe sleep

When shopping for sleeping products like these, it’s important to remember all the rules of safe sleep. You should never share a bed with your baby. Any products you buy should allow your child to sleep separately from you. It’s also important for them to have a railing like a crib to keep them contained. Some people like to let their little one sleep with their favorite toy or stuffed animal. This is never a good idea. Babies should always sleep in an empty crib with nothing but a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. Anything left in your baby’s crib can cause harm or even death. Make sure the environment your baby is in is safe as well. They should sleeping be in a clean, smoke-free space. It’s also important to put your baby to rest on their backs so they can breathe properly. Last but not least, there should always be a safe person watching your child. If you are under the influence of any substances or in treatment, assign someone who is safe to care for your baby when you can’t.

These rules may sound simple enough, just don’t forget their importance. Check out our safe sleep video on DE Thrives to see just how important they are.



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