Safe Sleep: Keeping Baby Cool on Hot Summer Nights

We all know how uncomfortable hot summer nights can get. You want to make sure that where your baby sleeps is cool and comfortable so they don’t overheat. A comfortable room temperature is needed for your baby to sleep safe and well. The temperature that you are able to sleep peacefully in is the temperature your baby can sleep peacefully in, too. In the summer, it is harder to control the temperature but there are steps you can take to make sure your baby is comfortable.

  1. If the temperature in baby’s room feels too hot, place a fan in the room at least 30 minutes before your baby goes to bed. Keep the fan FAR away from the crib, and make sure the fan is not pointing directly at or near baby’s face! During the day, keep the shades or curtains closed to keep baby’s room cooler.
  2. Dress the baby in lightweight cotton clothing, with no more than one layer. Choose clothing that is not too loose around the neck, arms, and feet so that it cannot ride up over baby’s face while sleeping. A one-piece sleeper or a light weight sleep sack will work.
  3. Use a fitted crib sheet on your baby’s mattress that is fitted for that particular mattress.
  4. You can also give your baby a bath before bedtime; this will help keep them cool and comfortable.




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