Safe Sleep: Back to Sleep, Tummy Time to Play

2-SS-Blogs_7.21.142If you are ever confused about how to make sure your baby is sleeping safely, remember “Back to sleep, tummy to play.” Your baby should always sleep on their back, and when they are awake and being watched, your baby is free to roam around on their tummy.

Tummy Time is a fun activity you should start doing 2 to 3 times a day after you get home from the hospital with your child, for a short period of about 3 to 5 minutes. At first your baby may not like being on his or her tummy, so placing either yourself or an object somewhere for him or her to reach will make them eventually enjoy it. As your baby starts to like tummy time more, allow the activity to go on for longer.

Back to Sleep is for every sleep, when your baby is ready to take a nap, or go to sleep for the night. Your baby should always be sleeping on their back, alone, and in a crib with nothing but a mattress and fitted sheet made specifically for that mattress.

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