Safe Sleep: 3 Facts about Safe Sleep You Might Not Learn from your Parents

1-SS-Blogs_10.23.144Our best teachers are our parents and those who helped us grow up, which is why their advice is so important to us. However, when it comes to your baby and sleeping safely, their advice MAY be out of date. Here are three facts about safe sleep that your parents probably didn’t know back in the day:

  1. Sleeping with a baby in a bed raises the risk of suffocation and other sleep-related causes of infant death. Practice Safe Sleep and share a room, but no one should sleep in bed with a baby.


  1. Anything besides a fitted sheet in a crib is not safe for baby. Blankets, bumpers, quilts, pillows, and other items should never be in a crib. Decorate the room, but not the crib. Practice Safe Sleep, don’t put pillows, quilts, blankets, stuffed animals, bumper pads, or other items in the crib with baby. These items increase the risk that baby may suffocate or may cause other infant sleep related deaths.


  1. It is proven SAFE for babies to sleep on their backs. Help your baby sleep safely, and always have your baby sleep on their back.



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