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QT30: The Perfect Heart Art

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Quality Time Activity

Every day that you spend with your child they learn and grow. The simplest activities can lead to a happy and healthy life for your child. The first 1000 days of your child’s life fly by, but how those days are spent will determine your child’s behavior and success in school. February is the month of love! Celebrate the love you and your child share. Spend the day together creating this Valentine’s Day craft.

You will need the following items: Coffee filters, water, scissors, washable markers, yarn. You will also need a spray bottle or a paintbrush.

• Cut the coffee filter into a heart shape. If your child is old enough to do this on their own, make sure he/she is using safety scissors.
• Have your child dot the coffee filter with different color washable markers.
• Use a spray bottle to wet the dots on the coffee filter. If you do not have a bottle, you can dip a paintbrush in water. Gently brush over the colored dots.
• Watch the dots spread into the surrounding colors. Watch the solid dots create a tie-dye effect.
• Make a hole in the top of the coffee filter heart and weave a piece of yarn through the hole. Tie into a loop. Now you and your child can find a place in your home to hang the art!
This activity not only strengthens the bond between you and your child, it also helps with his/her development in all areas including supporting large and small muscle development and hand-eye coordination. What your children learn during the first few years depends on what you teach them. The quality of the time you spend with your son or daughter matters. Spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with your kids a day. For additional simple #QT30 activities, visit Delaware Thrives activities page.

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