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QT30: Halloween Costume Ideas for Dad and Little Ones

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Set time aside to spend 30 minutes quality time with your son or daughter a day. One quality time activity you can do with your son or daughter is create a handmade Halloween costume together!

What child doesn’t fantasize about flying through the air? Handmade superhero costumes are an easy way to save money, bond with your child, and make memories you’ll both never forget!

Help or ask your child to choose their favorite superhero and sidekick duo. Brainstorm all the superheroes and sidekicks you can both come up with and decide which you would like to be for Halloween. Children can be the super hero and parents can be the sidekicks! Both parents should join in on the fun! When a child has two supportive parents, there is a greater chance he or she will thrive!

You can even make up your own superheroes and sidekicks! What are their superhero powers? What are their superhero colors? Does the superhero and sidekick match? Or, do they have different colors?
Keep your child engaged and involved. Help your child understand the different types of superheroes he or she can be.


First! Here are some items you will need:

• A long sleeve shirt and pants for your child.
• A t-shirt for your child (this will be drawn on!)
• A long sleeve shirt and pants for you!
• A t-shirt for you (this will also be drawn on!)
• Two pieces of fabric big enough to be capes for you and your child!
• Two eye masks (they’re usually for sleeping, but we’ll make them into superhero masks!)
• Fabric paint pens.
• Scissors. (You will be using these! Be sure your child knows not to touch them!)
• A space big enough for a little bit of a mess!

Follow the instructions below to make superhero and sidekick costumes with your son or daughter!

1. To make this costume, use a long sleeve shirt and pants your child already has for staying warm while trick-or-treating. Make sure they have a good pair of sneakers as well, so they can walk safe while trick-or-treating (if your child has light-up shoes, even better!)

2. Help or let your child choose their superhero colors, and your sidekick colors from the fabric pen set!

3. Now, help or let your child choose a t-shirt based on these colors.

4. Next, grab both pieces of felt (or fabric) and lay them out on the ground – these are going to be your capes!

5. With the fabric pens your child chose for superhero and sidekick colors, help or let your child color in the superhero and sidekick symbols onto the capes! Remember to be patient and encouraging! Drawing tiny details may be hard for your child at such a young age, but with your help and guidance, they will be happy and focused on completing each drawing! Put these same superhero symbols on you and your child’s t-shirts.

6. Wait for them to dry! This can take up to an hour, but check every once and awhile carefully to see if the fabric paint is still wet.

7. While you are waiting, grab the eye masks and cut eye-holes out of both masks for you and your child. Place what will now be the superhero mask onto your child and ask them to give you their best superhero pose!

8. Put on your mask! Strike a sidekick pose with your child! What are both of your catchphrases? Who is your dynamic duo’s arch enemy?

9. When your capes and t-shirts are ready, put them on over your long sleeve shirts. Help or let your child dress themselves, make sure they put on their shoes, too!

10. Now that you’ve had a bit of practice, strike your superhero and sidekick poses, shout your catchphrases, and take super-selfies with your child!

Get ready to fight crime with your little superhero – put on your sneakers and get ready for a fun night of trick-or-treating!

When you spend quality time with your child you should be looking for milestones. Your child will reach new milestones at every age. Every parent should know, track, and ask doctors about milestones. Look out for new milestones at every age! Milestones are clues that your son or daughter is on track and they help parents support children early on in life. Dial 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow if you have questions or concerns about how your child is behaving. You can also text 302-231-1464 to reach Help Me Grow! The program can connect you to professional services that can help you provide for your child!

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