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QT30: Fall Quality Time Activities

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Fall is the perfect season to spend quality time with your little one outdoors! The weather is mild and there are endless activities for you to share with your child. While the upcoming winter season can highlight several engaging indoor activities, why not take advantage of the outdoors during this beautiful transition period?

Here are a handful of fun-filled fall activities that allow you to spend quality time with your child:

  • Fall foliage nature walk: Could you think of a more beautiful time to get outdoors? This is a great activity for kids of all ages. Whether your child is still in a stroller or running around, taking a walk or mini hike is a great idea. This will keep their mind engaged by learning how nature goes through seasonal changes and keeping their body moving.
  • Petting zoo or farm: Make a day out of visiting your nearby farm! During the fall season, several farms offer hayrides, petting zoos or corn mazes. Your little one is bound to have a blast. Don’t forget to pick up a pumpkin for them to carve too.
  • Flying kites: This is a great opportunity to teach your child something new. Get outside on a windy day and build the kite together. Once it’s all set, have fun launching it and getting it to fly.
  • Hide and seek: Up your hide and seek game out in the park or your backyard this fall. With safety in mind, your child will have a great time running around and hiding in huge leaf piles.
  • Spot the colors: Fall is full of color! Get outside with your little one and have them pick out their favorite color. Make it a game and see how many times they can spot their color during a walk.

Get creative this year and show your child the value of being outdoors. Each season has unique features, so the changes in nature provide the perfect teaching environment. Were there any fun fall activities that we missed? Be sure to share them with the QT community and see what other parents are doing.

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