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QT30: Cook up some fun in your kitchen with these QT30 activities!

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Every time you talk, play, or engage with your child, they are growing. Even little things count. Just 30 minutes each day is like magic, when the time you spend is quality time. Participating in daily activities with your children can help strengthen family bonds and can help build a lifetime of well-being for your child. With the cold weather starting to set in, it’s time to move the fun indoors! Get creative and cook up these activities in the kitchen!

  • Baby Sensory Bin: Put dry noodles, rice, and plastic shapes in a casserole dish and explore the different textures with your baby.
  • Lid Fit: Get different sized pots with lids and see if your little one can put the right lid on the right pot.
  • Food Exploration: Give your child whole fruits and vegetables. Let your child touch them, band them, and taste them! Point out the different colors and textures of each.
  • Baking: The holidays are just around the corner so why not make a pie or cake to bring to your family gathering? Use a mix or start from scratch using a family recipe, and help your child break the eggs, mix in the ingredients etc.
  • Flour Play: Pour flour into a baking dish or pan. Let your little one use his/her fingers to draw in the flour. Use a vacuum for easy clean up.

Delaware Thrives promotes QT30, a program encouraging families to set aside quality one on one time with their child. It is important to spend at least 30 minutes each day to help our children grow up well. Want to find more activities to do with your children and family? Click here!

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