Spending Quality Time to Kids: We All Have a Part to Play

Spoil your little ones with quality time. Babies and toddlers need these experiences to support their development. The quality of time spent with children impacts how much they learn. Babies learn from every movement, word, and interaction you present to them. It is the quality, not the quantity of time you spend with children that helps support their development. Anyone can play these simple quality time activities with kids.

Parents or Caregivers – You can find tons of quality time activities here or learn what activities other parents love, on our QT 30 Community Wall.

Day care providers – Make sure quality time is a part of your program. You can have the QT-30 Activity Book sent to you for free. Hand the book out to parents and keep them in your day care to always have fun activities on hand! Get it for free here.

Employers – Work with parents so that they have a schedule that allows them to be the best parent they can be. Communicate with all employees and encourage them to let you know about scheduling conflicts. There can be a schedule that works for everyone if you work together.

Anyone who cares about children is invited to share this website, and the activity guide. We all have a part to play in helping children become the best they can be. When a trusted adult spends 30 minutes of quality time with a baby or toddler each and every day, they are giving them a great head start in life.


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