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QT30: Summer Splash: Water Fun

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It’s time to take the fun outdoors!  Slather your baby in sunscreen, strap on a hat, and dress them up in light colored clothing. This summer, take advantage of the warm weather and spend quality time outside. Quality time, like outdoor play, contributes to healthy growth! Here are three easy outdoor activities to help your tot learn while staying cool in the summer heat:

  • Ice cube painting – Kids love to paint! Turn this simple activity into a cool one. Use an ice cube tray to create different colored ice cubes. Drop food color in the water before freezing. Sit your baby outside and give them the different color ice cubes and some paper. Watch them create beautiful works of art to hang on the fridge.
  • Sink or Float Bin – Does it sink? Does it float? Your child will love this simple science experiment. Before you begin, collect objects in the house or around the yard. Fill a bin with water. Remember to keep it shallow! Time for your child to explore. Let them play freely while learning about items that float or sink.
  • Wet Footprints – Get brown paper bags and fill a shallow pan with water. Dip your baby’s feet into the water and help your baby walk across the paper bag. You can also do this with hands. Compare your foot and hand prints.

Try your best to spend at least 30 minutes of quality time each day with your baby.  The undivided attention you give your baby will help develop motor and basic social skills. As a special reminder, never leave your baby unattended when water is involved! Keep in mind these water safety tips before heading outside this summer season.

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