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QT30: How to Spend Quality Time AND Get Your Work Done

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How to Spend Quality Time AND Get Your Work DoneSpend at least 30 minutes with your child a day. Easy to say, but sometimes hard to do. The list of “To-Dos” never end. There is always a repeated cycle of laundry folding, dish cleaning, or other household chores to complete. Let’s face it— time is precious when you are a parent. Well, did you know that spending quality time with your little one could happen anywhere? On days where housework becomes a priority, find chores that you can do together. Food shopping? Not a problem! Let the little guy or gal pick out fruits and vegetables. This is a great way to learn about shapes and colors!  Let your baby hold different fruits and veggies to strengthen little hands and fingers. Different textures help expand sensory skills.

Speak to them. Learn about the different colors of the fruits or veggies you place in the shopping cart. Your tiny tot will absorb the information as they watch your actions and listen to your voice. If your baby is too young to help with chores, keep them nearby and talk to them while you navigate through that “To-Do” list. The best part is that you are spending quality time with your little one while you get your chores done.

There is constant molding and reshaping of the mind within the first three years of your child’s life. A child absorbs and processes information when interacting with mom, dad, and caregivers. Children improve communication and sensory skills during quality time. Delaware Thrives supports spending at least 30 minutes per day of quality time with your children to support healthy growth and development. To find more fun-filled activities, check out our activities page. Visit our community wall and let us know how you spend time with your baby.

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